Infiltration is set in the Old Republic Era using the Edge of the Empire gaming system.

The campaign begin’s roughly two weeks after the sacking of Coruscant and the signing of The Treaty of Coruscant. Like the rest of the Republic, the Strategic Information Service is still licking it’s wounds from the devastating losses on Coruscant. The SIS is currently more concerned with the logistic’s of rebuilding their operations than actually generating new intel absolutely necessary to defeat it’s enemies. This truth doesn’t sit well with one of the SIS elite, Theron Shan. He decides to take matter’s into his own hands by enlisting new recruits fresh out of the academy to go on a dangerous and unauthorized operation.

Theron devises a plan to send a small team into deep cover. This team will have no outside support and minimal contact with friendlies. The teams tasks will be to infiltrate the Sith Empire, join the Navy, and rise though the ranks until they are in a position to provide actionable intelligence. Knowing it’s importance Shan instructs the team to focus on acquiring the Black Cypher algorithm source code so the Republic can use it to keep tab’s on the Sith’s movements and communications. As every second year academy cadet knows, the only way to gain access to a Black Cypher is to be on a Capitol Ship so the team will need to do what they can to ensure they are assigned to one. Once the source code is obtained new mission parameter’s will be provided.

Shan know’s this will be a hard mission and require absolute sacrifice from this special team of agent’s. Their history will be sanitized from all republic records and their families will be told they are dead. They will be given new identities as citizen’s of Sith controlled worlds. This is an off-book operation, not even the top brass at SIS know’s of it’s existence. If they are caught by the Sith or even the Republic there will be no calvary to help them. The team will have to play the part of Sith loyalist and regardless of the task will have to do as asked so not compromise their cover. Shan, the son of Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan know’s his mother would not approve of tempting agents with the dark side but he has no time for any of the Jedi spiritual nonsense and he know’s that this mission may be the last chance the SIS will ever have at rebuilding their information network. With only one contact allowed to be made every standard month the team will have to decide what is best for the mission and make the choice’s to ensure success.

Can the team of deep cover agents succeed in infiltrating the Sith Empire and providing the intel desperately needed to save the republic? Shan hope’s so, everything rests on this off-book operation that even he fears is destined to fail.

SW EOTE - Infiltration