Cooperative Storytelling

Edge of the Empire is not a tactical system. The mechanic’s are built around storytelling and roleplaying. Player’s should understand this and do their best to resist the urge to play the game as if it was your standard tactical system. As the GM I look at my job as being a story guide. My job is not to fit people into static story lines but instead to provide goals and allow the players to sandbox their completion. I expect every player to help tell the story. Here is an example of how this could be handled in-game using the EoTE mechanic’s.

Bob: “I am going to shoot the storm trooper.”
Bob’s dice pool results in 3 advantages but no success
Bob: “Alright, I missed however my shots were close enough that they burned his armor, shaking him up a little bit.”
This will result in the storm trooper’s next action including a setback dice.

The GM will not interfere with this narrative unless he feels that the consequences or advantages are no appropriate.

This is a simple example but player’s should feel as though they are as big of a part of the story and how the game will proceed as the GM.

Cooperative Storytelling

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